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Craftsman Made

Craftsmanship is a system of skills, a mindset, and a lifestyle that is passed down from one traditionally trained carpenter to the next. Our team of carpenters has over 60 years of combined professional experience practising these time honoured skills. We focus on building by hand and
passing this on to the next generation of apprentices instead of focusing on how to replace carpenters with automation and industrial production machinery. Attention to detail, always looking to improve, never accepting good enough as a standard of work, building something to last for generations of use, and keeping the old traditions of the skilled craftsman alive; this is how we build with integrity.

Our approach to furniture design is one of forward thinking. If a piece of furniture is carefully designed, artfully crafted, and appropriately finished, it can last generations. We believe it is better to invest in a piece that you love for years instead of participating in fast furniture and throwaway culture. Our furniture is made to be used, loved, and cared for.

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