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Environmental Stewardship

vancouver custom furniture

We focus on sustainable business practices in the circular economy and choose to work with local suppliers that offer high quality, environmentally friendly products and materials. Reduction of material use, reusing materials, and
recycling material through our salvage operations are at the core of our business model.

We specialize in salvaging and recycling material from antique structures, the transportation and construction industries, and local arborist operations. We turn these materials into usable timbers to build our furniture with.

Our workshop is constantly innovating new methods to reduce material use
through efficient processes while generating the least amount of waste through careful cuts, and efficient layout and planning. By focusing on solid wood construction, all of the offcuts and sawdust from our workshop can be endlessly reused and nothing enters the waste stream.

By eliminating plywood or mdf products in our sawdust, it is safe for reuse in gardening and animal bedding. We donate this to the local community along with what wood scraps we cannot use for small woodworking projects and firewood.
Our resulting waste stream is thus significantly reduced.

Ecological impact is very important to us. We use non-toxic water based finishes, water based glues, and focus on solid wood in our construction.

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