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When building furniture, material selection is as important as the design itself. Our team of carpenters hand selects each board for quality, beauty, and grain pattern. We are experienced in many materials but focus on using FSC certified hardwoods and a variety of reclaimed wood options for our work.

We like to highlight the natural variation in each board and celebrate the differences in wood grain, colour, patterning, knots, and cracks. Wood is a natural material and each piece has a different story to tell, no two are alike.


We use a durable, non-toxic, high-quality, food safe finish with ultra low voc release. It is water based and has no effect on fish bearing streams. Manufactured in Canada by a local company, this hard wearing finish is well suited to the rigours of a busy home or restaurant lounge. It is not susceptible to water rings or food and drink staining and is resistant to abrasion. As with all finishes, the use of trivets, coasters, place mats, and blotters is always recommended.
If an accident does happen, repairs are easy. We can send a repair kit to you with instructions, or our team of experts can come to you to do the repair.


We fabricate all of our own metal work in house in our welding/fabrication shop and blacksmith forge. Typically we incorporate steel, brass, and copper into our furniture but are always open to working with new materials. We offer natural patinas and rustic finishes that develop and enrichen with time and wear as well as durable powdercoating options.

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