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Terms and Conditions

* An 80% non-refundable retainer is required to hold a spot on our wait list. Because everything is hand-made custom-to-order, all completion dates are only an estimate. There is no compensation or refund for orders that go beyond the estimated completion date. Delivery and installation are available at an additional cost. Installation charges on an estimate are only an estimate and may be adjusted post install. J&S is not responsible for any 3rd party moving fee’s that go beyond the estimate provided. When supplying measurements to J&S please ensure the item will fit in the hallways, elevator and entrance to the home/ business. If the item does not fit additional re-fitment/delivery fee’s may apply.

* Please note that the Invoice balance is due upon pick up or delivery. All items must be paid in full before shipment.

* Overdue accounts subject to a service charge of 5% per month.

* If a Furniture piece is not picked up from our shop within 5 business days, storage fee’s may apply.

* There are no returns or exchanges.

* All sales are final.


Commissions will be issued to trade partners when the order is complete. Trade partners are responsible for client management and must act as a third party between J&S and the client. It is the responsibility of the trade partner to ensure all furniture items are properly ordered for the clients space. If these duties are neglected, commissions may be reduced or not issued at all. Please note a commission has to be pre-arranged with J&S before any order is placed.

Commercial Jobs:

J&S needs a minimum of 4 weeks to build custom furniture and mill-work from final site measurements. Any changes after final site measure will come at an additional cost and may delay completion. We are not responsible for fitment if incorrect measurements are supplied.

Due to the nature of reclaimed wood & solid wood furniture, all samples provided may not exactly match the final product. J&S products are prone to cracking/ surface defects/ staining and color changes. This is inherent to the nature of the material and considered part of its aesthetic. All of our steel work is coated with a bees wax conditioner and polish to allow a natural patina to form. Rust and oxidization are a normal part of the patina building process.  Bees Wax Conditioner should be regularly applied once a week during the first few months of ownership in order to allow the beeswax conditioner to soak into the steel, building up a protective layer. After that period, the conditioner and polish need only be applied once every 1-3 months depending on atmospheric conditions, and use. Before using your furniture, we recommend taking a dry cloth and buffing all steel and wood surfaces completely dry. This will ensure bee’s wax polish will not get on clothing. If proper care and maintenance are not performed, J&S is not responsible for any damages or defects that may occur and the warranty will be void. 

* By placing a retainer you are agreeing to these terms & conditions.

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